The UCO Clinic is the largest osteopathic clinic in Europe and is dedicated to offering accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Based on Borough High Street Road, Southwark, the UCO Clinic delivers around 35,000 appointments each year in purpose-built facilities.

As a teaching clinic appointments are delivered by senior students of the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), under the expert supervision of qualified tutors, and our treatment is informed by the latest clinical research. The clinic offers our students the opportunity to develop their practical skills and patient care in a real-life setting, and also allows us to offer treatment to the general public at a heavily subsidised rate.

In addition to the general clinic, which treats a broad variety of patients, we also deliver a number of specialist clinics at our clinic site and in the wider community that provide specialist care to specific patient groups. These include expectant mothers, babies and young children, older people, homeless patients, people living with HIV, NHS patients and sports people. Much of our care for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups is delivered free of charge.

Quality healthcare for patients

We are dedicated to offering high-quality and affordable care to all and are proud of our caring and personalised service. Our patient satisfaction levels reflect this, and the feedback we receive from patients demonstrates the important impact we have on their lives.

Kind, professional, friendly, affordable, adjustable, personal. Very good.

UCO Clinic patient