Appointments at our Associates Clinic are delivered by newly-qualified UCO graduates who are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, and are open to all patients.

Because you will be seen by qualified rather than student osteopaths, our appointment fees are higher than for our other clinics, and concessionary and community partner fees are not available.

Appointments are also shorter as supervision is not required. Initial consultations last approximately 45 minutes including a full case history, and subsequent appointments last approximately 30 minutes.

UCO Associate osteopaths:

Dario Alvino

Diego Bertoldo

Chiara Berton

Sara Castoldi

Jo Christophe

Emily Colaluca

Phillipp Dahmen

Francesco Grieco

Emma Hall

Li-Leng Hoang

Tom Jordan

Alexander Key

Guglielmo Loleo

Daleel Madarbukus

Tania Mattock

Simona Negro

Livia Stazzone

Joshua Thomas

David Wells

Daniela Witten


Extra information

Appointment times 
Monday–Friday 17:45–20:15; Saturdays 09:00–12:30
Appointment fee 

The service is very professional, efficient and staff have been great. The service has really helped my health complaints.

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