The Integrated Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic exists to provide expert nutrition and dietetic care to our patients and the wider community.

Patients of this new clinic will have access to a range of experienced nutrition professionals who, using the latest, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle interventions, will work with patients and service users to create a nutritional support plan tailored to individual's unique needs. This specialist clinic will also be the main clinic environment in which students on our BSc (Hons) Integrated Nutrition & Dietetics undergraduate degree programme will carry out most of their practical training.

The importance of nutrition in achieving optimal physical and mental health is increasingly understood, and research supports the role of nutrition and dietetic interventions in positively impacting all systems and functions of the body.

At this specialist clinic, we aim to help individuals with a range of nutritional concerns and offer services, including:

  • addressing digestive issues;
  • helping to meet nutritional requirements to optimise health and promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • providing full body composition assessments and advice on how to achieve healthy body weight;
  • supporting patients with chronic pain, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome and mental health problems;
  • supporting expectant mothers and mothers with prenatal, postpartum and perinatal nutritional needs;
  • giving advice for sports performance and rehabilitation;
  • supporting healthy development and aging.

This will be a weekly clinic running on Tuesdays and Fridays. Times will vary so please call or email for more details. Please allow approximately 1 hour 30 minutes for your first appointment – this includes time to complete intake forms on arrival. Please note that this is a teaching clinic and appointments will be observed by students, however patients do reserve the right to refuse observers should they wish to. 

We look forward to welcoming people from across Southwark, London and beyond!

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Initial appointment fee: £80
Follow-up appointment fee: £55

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Appointment times 
Tuesdays & Fridays
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