OsteoMAP is a service and research project that integrates osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to healthcare into a series of six individual sessions for patients with persistent pain.  

The OsteoMAP course is open to anyone with musculoskeletal pain who is suitable for osteopathic treatment, or who have musculoskeletal conditions that are alleviated but not completely resolved by manual therapy alone. It aims to help patients find pathways to living more active and fulfilling lives, by participating in experiential exercises to enhance their own health and well-being, and to guide ‘hands-on’ treatment. Participants are asked to practice mindfulness-based exercises at home during the course, to develop their skills and resilience, and to engage with activities which link to their values and personal goals, to help them create a more meaningful life, despite ongoing pain. 

Cost per session is the concessionary fee of £14, or £60 for all six sessions if paid in advance. 

Patients who wish to take part in OsteoMAP need to apply.

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Appointment fee 
£14 per session or £60 for all six

Very professional, always listen to what I have to say and treat accordingly. This is a service I couldn't live without.

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