Our Sports Clinic is dedicated to the treatment of sports and fitness injuries.

Please note that as a result of temporary changes introduced in line with current guidance, we are inviting all patients to book appointments with our experienced team in General Clinic. Read more about the changes we've been making in clinic.

It is used by a wide variety of patients, from professional athletes, committed amateurs and gym, fitness and keep-fit enthusiasts, to dancers, actors and other professional performers.

Osteopathy may be able to help with alleviating immediate symptoms of an injury, aiding recovery, improving overall performance and supporting long-term training goals.

Osteopaths look at the relationship between muscle, limb and spine function, the potential underlying cause of symptoms and lifestyle. By appreciating how these factors may interact they can make adjustments and recommendations to help prevent injury and help patients achieve goals safely.

The UCO's Sports Clinic has provided osteopaths to support participants in major sporting events such as the London Marathon.

“They took me from being stressed and in pain into good physical and mental shape in no time – a fantastic service.” - Morgan, patient

Standard appointment fee: £32
Concessionary fee: £15
Community Partner fee: £24

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Thursdays (AM)
Appointment fee 

The service is very professional, efficient and staff have been great. The service has really helped my health complaints.

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