Danny Church, Clinic Team Lead & Tutor

Danny is a Team Leader at the University College of Osteopathy clinic and has worked here for 10 years.

As well as his team leader role, Danny is also a clinic tutor in the general clinic and a specialist clinic tutor in the Blanchard Clinic for people living with HIV.

Danny has been instrumental in running several external community clinics in the past, to provide osteopathic care to people who may not otherwise be able to access the services provided by the general clinic. These osteopathic clinics included being based in a GP practice in Bethnal Green, a clinic for people over 65, and a clinic within the Royal Free Hospital for people living with HIV.

Danny was deputy project leader for the initial research phase of the ground breaking OsteoMAP project, which uses mindfulness and acceptance practice alongside osteopathy to help those living with persistent pain gain. This helps patients to have a different outlook on their situation. This role also involved leading two clinics in GP practices in south London.

Danny is an examiner of clinical competence not only within the UCO Clinic but also as an external examiner at other osteopathic educational institutions in the UK and abroad.

Danny has also taught patient examination skills and osteopathic concepts to undergraduates on both the full time and part-time degree course.

When not at the university Danny is in private practice in Surrey. He also teaches continued professional development (CPD) courses to postgraduate osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, both at home in the UK and internationally.