Danny Miller, Clinic Tutor

Danny undertook a career change from sales and trading to osteopathy which involved both part-time and full-time study over the period of six years. He studied at the BSO, first on the Access course and then as part of the last mixed mode group. Danny qualified in 2016 and since then has worked for a variety of osteopathy practices, currently working at Phoenix Osteopathy.

In addition, Danny has completed an MSc in Psychology and recently completed an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of Westminster. His latest research project involved exploring ‘The relationship between psychosocial health and the cortisol awakening response in healthy female adults’.

Danny has recently been accepted for a part-time doctorate in Health Psychology at the University of West of England, starting in November 2019. His main focus will be on applying the principles of osteopathy and also employing appropriate health psychology interventions to help chronic pain patients live well and manage their condition.

Alongside a busy family life as a father of two, Danny is a sports enthusiast with his main passion being rugby. He has developed a strong interest in nutrition (which he tries to follow himself!) and through his various studies has also developed an interest in what leads individuals to addiction.