Glynn Booker, Clinic Team Leader & Tutor

Glynn added a B.Ost to his BA (English & French) and began practising as an osteopath aged 41 in 2004.

This followed an unfulfilling background in Facilities Management, mitigated by spare time excursions into hill-walking, rock-climbing, snowboarding, cricket and martial arts (Tai Chi Chuan). At the same time, he was a director of a limited company selling kites, juggling equipment and adrenaline sports equipment. Osteopathy as a career had been nagging him since the age of 6, it just took a long time to realise.

Glynn’s first post as an osteopath was in Fulham, followed by another associate post in Greenwich. After 3 years, he had become principal osteopath at Greenwich and resumed teaching (previously having studied Physical Education and English on a BEd degree and having taught climbing, Tai Chi and juggling since) by taking up a Clinic Tutor post at the UCO in 2007. This was further consolidated with technique teaching, as well as attaining a PGCertEd at the UCO.

Glynn now teaches two days a week in UCO Clinic (moving up to the role of Team Leader in 2014) and one half day as a UCO technique tutor since 2009. In addition, Glynn has been teaching technique on the part-time course since 2009 and has been delivering a postgraduate CPD course “The Rediscovered Techniques of AT Still” since 2011.