Guglielmo Savergnini, MSc Ost, BSc Phys, Clinic Tutor

Guglielmo is a physiotherapist and a newly graduated osteopath.

Guglielmo qualified as a physiotherapist at the University of Turin, Italy in 2012 and has practiced in UK since. He completed his MSc in Osteopathy at the UCO, graduating with Distinction in 2017.

Guglielmo is interested in the benefits of integrated approaches to patient care to better support the management of functional or pain disorders. He is curious about the cognitive processes involved in pain and patient care. His dissertation investigated how mental distress and chronic pain are perceived and dealt with in osteopathic practice.

In the past five years, Guglielmo focused and specialised on musculoskeletal care, however, he worked in different settings including sport (Australian Football League), neurological and elderly rehabilitation. He is currently a senior associate in a private multidisciplinary practice in London, practicing as both osteopath and physiotherapist.