Janine Norris, UCO Associate


Clinic availability: Wednesdays

Janine qualified from the UCO in 2017 and currently works in the associates clinic. 

Janine has worked as a massage therapist for the past seven years. As a previous member of Southampton's gymnastics squad, competing at a national level, she developed an interest in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. This has now progressed to diagnosis and management through osteopathic technique and rehabilitation.  

Janine is also a qualified weight management and sport nutritional advisor. She is particularly interested in promoting the benefits of diet and lifestyle for the prevention of Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These chronic conditions can present themselves within the musculoskeletal system and recognising the early signs is of paramount importance in prevention. This was the focus of her dissertation. 

Other areas of interest include posture and its influence in musculoskeletal pain and pre- and post-natal care. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking for friends and family, reading and yoga.