Jo Christophe, UCO Associate

Clinic availability: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

A qualified therapeutic massage therapist since 1997, Joanna gained her M.Ost at the British School of Osteopathy (now UCO) in 2012 and has been treating a variety of patients across London ever since, including working at the UCO associates clinic.

In addition to osteopathy she uses a variety of approaches including massage, rhythmic articulation, Kinesio taping, stretching and mindfulness techniques to relieve pain and restore movement, according to the patient's particular needs.

Joanna has a foundation in medical acupuncture, which she uses in conjunction with osteopathic and massage techniques for specific problems, such as relieving trigger points within muscle tissue.

As a runner, climber and daily gym user, Joanna has first-hand knowledge of the stresses and demands exercise and sport places on the body, as well as the implications of injury. Her understanding of the body’s mechanics and its needs enables her to plan rehabilitation programmes and provide advice to anyone at any level of fitness, from the office worker to the professional athlete.