Neil Mellerick, Clinic Team Leader

Clinic availability: Thursdays

Neil is team leader at the UCO Clinic on Thursdays and spends the rest of the week in private practice in Hertfordshire.

Neil’s duties include overseeing the day-to-day provision of patient care, managing students and clinic staff, and liaising with the Head of Clinical Practice, the reception manager and the reception staff. He is also responsible for monitoring correspondence from the clinic and authorising referrals and requests for clinical information from other healthcare professionals. When the need arises, Neil enjoys working as a general clinic tutor, filling in for unexpected tutor absences.

Neil is one of the longest continuously serving members of the UCO Clinic’s faculty. He graduated in 1977 and initially gained experience in a busy east London practice before returning as a junior clinic tutor in 1981. Since then he has progressed through various tutoring roles, until being appointed as a Clinic Faculty Leader in 2005 and has continued this role and its transition to Clinic Team Leader to date.

Outside the UCO, Neil enjoys country life, living on the borders of Essex and Suffolk. He has a long-standing interest and expertise in computer and information technology and was one of the first osteopaths to use an electronic patient management system, initially writing his own software in 1990. This enabled him to assist in the development of the UCO’s own patient management systems in the 90’s and he still retains a keen interest in current IT systems.

At heart, Neil still considers himself to be first and foremost a clinic tutor and he relishes the day-to-day interactions and learning opportunities of being involved with the UCO’s vibrant undergraduate and postgraduate community.