Imperial College low back pain study

In collaboration with the research department of the UCO, the Biodynamics Laboratory of Imperial College is carrying out a study measuring posture and movement patterns during simple activities in people with low back pain.

This is to try to understand what aspect of daily function is affected by nonspecific back pain. This study is funded by Medical Research Council (MRC) and Arthritis Research UK.

As part of this, the UCO is helping by recruiting patients from the general clinic with low back pain, and one member of the UCO research department (Dr Kevin Brownhill) will be doing some of the analysis.

Patients will be asked to attend two sessions in the Biodynamics Laboratory (MSk laboratory, Imperial College, Charing Cross Campus), lasting 90 minutes approximately, 3 to 6 months apart. There they will be asked to carry out a series of simple tasks such as walking, lifting a light weight, twisting and bending. Travel expenses will be paid for.

Participant information sheets are available at the UCO general clinic for more information.

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