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Are you passionate about the osteopathic care of infants and children? Do you want to support the osteopathic care of those who may not be able to access osteopathy? Are you keen to work with other services such as Health Visiting and Midwifery?

We are looking for a Specialist Clinic Tutor to join us on a maternity cover basis to work within our children's clinics at the UCO clnic and at the 1st Place centre. Nicola Howard, the Director of 1st Place, tells a little bit about the community the 1st Place clinic serves.

"The UCO's community clinic has been running in partnership with 1st Place and the SureStart programme before it for over 14 years. This service has been continuous and is well established within the reach area of the centre and beyond, with strong links with all of our partners especially those in statutory services such as Health Visiting and Midwifery. 

While Southwark, and in particular what was the Aylesbury estate, is in the midst of significant regeneration, we are still experiencing very high levels of need with the families we work with.  The Aylesbury estate houses over 25% of those living in temporary accommodation in the borough, and the majority of these families have children under the age of 5. As the temporary accommodation is made up of housing vacated by permanent tenants in anticipation of rebuilding, many of these homes are of a low standard, which impacts on the health and wellbeing of the families living there. 

Services such as those provided by UCO contribute positively to the health of these families, and are highly regarded by the wider Southwark Children’s Centre partnership, as well as our Board of Trustees, who are committed to maintaining our work together."

For more information about 1st Place and the work that they do visit their website.

The UCO is very keen to continue and develop the excellent work carried out in the 1st Place clinic, and to support staff in their own development as osteopaths and as educators. If you would be interested in applying for the role you can find more information on our Vacancies page, or direct any questions to Neil Mellerick, Clinic Team Leader.

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