Sade Williams and her twin brother Samir attend the Children's Clinic.

Sade has a knee problem which came to light when she was doing work experience and her knee locked.  She had been doing conservation gardening and was in such pain that she had to attend A&E, but was sent away without any treatment and had to wait several weeks for physiotherapy, which she found ineffective. Sade has been visiting the clinic for the last year and attends every two to three weeks.  She is a very fit and active teenager, but finds pain starting up after netball matches. She has also experienced shoulder problems after constant practicing for her Grade 8 Piano Examination.  

Samir is an athlete competing at national level who started coming to the clinic after experiencing tightness in his hamstrings. The treatment he receives brings him relief, and the day after his first treatment he competed in 200m and 100m sprints in Youth Development League Races and achieved his best ever time.  

Their Mother regularly attends the clinic for relief from her lupus and Sade has been referred to the rheumatology clinic at the suggestion of osteopaths.    

Sade says: "I wouldn’t be able to attend unless it was free.  I didn’t find the physiotherapist as beneficial – they just provided me with stretches. They did kindly write to the school to request rest breaks for me, which has been vital for me, though.  I find osteopathy gets to the root of the problem and helps with the pain."

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