Stacey Bourne, Clinic Team Lead & Tutor

Stacey is a registered osteopath currently working in private practice and as a clinical tutor and team leader at the UCO.

She attends UCO Clinic on Wednesdays and oversees the clinical supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate student osteopaths.

She graduated from the UCO in 1986 and has enjoyed a successful career in osteopathy working for other established practices before commencing her own private practice in Ilford, Essex. In 2015 she successfully applied for Any Qualified Provider status to deliver osteopathic treatment within the NHS and was awarded with a three-year contract. It culminated in leading a presentation to local GPs and practice managers at a protective learning event, describing osteopathic treatment and the efficacy and safety of it as an intervention for low back pain.

Stacey has a specific interest in treating children, adolescents and complex patients with chronic pain. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Osteopathy with a dissertation focusing on treatment of coccyx pain. She additionally holds a postgraduate teaching award gained from the University of Bedfordshire in 2008 (PGCAP).

She acts as a secretary for a local osteopathic regional group and supports increasing the membership and widening mentoring schemes to local new graduates.

Stacey is dedicated to providing the best care for her patients and enjoys clinical practice and the challenges of every new patient seen. She additionally enjoys being a mum, a dog walker and yoga when not busy.